Always Pick a Safe Password

Always Pick a Safe Password.

JaringanKita have written on one of our articles about making strong password. There, we suggested that we must strengthen our password for logging into our account such as emails, online payment, forum, webmail etc. Today, we have seen and learned by ourselves regarding how easy the weak password could be encoded using some tools (even it is encrypted).

Some of us may not care about their password and simply create the weak password that can be easily guessed such as using their own name, spouses name, birth date or even simply type “1234 bla bla” for their password.

For your information, JaringanKita have seen many people tend to create simple  password because of these reason:

1. Don’t want to remember strong password since they often forget them.

2. Lazy to type long password.

3. Lazy to remember many passwords so they put the same password for all their account.

People may have their right to do those reasons but we suggest to throw away them. Start to change all your passwords with complex password. Why? Because when crackers manage to take control your account, they can easily go to anywhere related to those accounts such as your intranet, credit card number, etc.

Below are the additions to my previous tips for strong password especially for your webmail and online payment website:

1. Always use minimum 8 character  up to 16  character. Usually cracker will take very long time for cracking long characters.

2. Dont use your name, spouse name, pet name or email address on your password

3. Use  mix uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols

With those three tips, I guarantee that cracker will hard guessing or encoding your password. But still, there is no guarantee that they couldn’t retrieve your password. That is way you must regularly change your password

PS: We usually create two base password. One is for important account that contains such as credit card, bank account, etc.


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