Beware of Facebook Account Cracker

Have you ever been suddenly not able to login into your facebook? or suddenly your facebook status suddenly has words that you don’t write about it ? Maybe your facebook account has been compromised by cracker. There are many ways that is used by crackers to compromise your account. One of them is using data profile technique.

Beware of publishing your profiles into your facebook, because it can be used by cracker to  misuse of your profiles for cracking either your email or facebook login. Below is the very classic ways that are used by cracker to crack into your facebook account or email accounts:

First Step:

There will be unknown friend request to your facebook (target/victim).

Second Step:

After being your friend, the cracker will look and write down your profile info  such as your birthday, your girl/boy friend name (your relationship status), your sister/brother name, their birthday and all other things that can be used as datas.

Third Step:

Then, the crackers will try the combination of password using your data profiles. If they failed, they will come into the first step.

Fourth Step:

After crackers manage to login into your facebook, then they will try to compromise your other Social Network account and also they will use victim’s email address that is used for Paypal, internet banking etc. Because many of us is using the same password for these accoung (Paypal, internet banking and etc).


1. Don’t expose too much data profiles in your facebook . Better hide your data profiles from public.

2. Always use complicated password

3. Don’t use the same password for all your accounts.

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