[Checkpoint] – Upgrade path for Checkpoint R75

Sometimes we are confused about upgrading the checkpoint operating system into newest. We often ask ourself this question, “Is the new checkpoint software supported by my hardware?”. In this article, you can find the suitable path to upgrade your old checkpoint software to the latest version which is R75. Checkpoint R75 supports upgrading from lower software versions and management of lower Security

Below are the supported and eligible paths th for upgrading  Security Management server and Security Gateway versions to R75:


  • NGX R65
  • NGX R65 for SecurePlatform 2.6
  • NGX R65 for IPSO 6.2 (with HFA70 only)
  • NGX R65 Connectra NGX R66 Plug-in
  • NGX R65 with Messaging Security
  • NGX R65 VSX NGX R65 Management Plug-in
  • NGX R65.3
  • NGX R65 UTM-1/Power-1
  • R70, R70.1, R70.20, R70.30, and R70.40
  • R71, R71.10, R71.20, and  R71.30

Important notes:

  • Upgrading your checkpoint software version from NGX R65.4 to R75 or higher is not supported
  • To upgrade Check Point Suite Products lower than NGX R65 to R75, you must upgrade first to NGX 65 then you may upgrade to R75
  • When you want to upgrade the version from NGX R65, please be noted that only plugins : Connectra, SmartProvisioning, VSX, and Messaging Security may be presented to R75. The presence of  any other plug-in

    will cause the upgrade process to fail.

The detail of the upgrade can be seen in



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