Configure Cisco ASA for ASDM Access

Configure Cisco ASA for ASDM access.

ASDM is used by Cisco ASA in order us to ease configuring the rules/policies.  In this post, we will try to give some steps about configuring ASDM in easy ways. These steps can be applied into all cisco asa 5500 series.

Here are the steps:

1. Configure ip address into its interface then upload the ASDM image.

In this example, we are using IP Address

ciscoasa#configure terminal

ciscoasa(config)#interface ethernet0

ciscoasa(config-if)#nameif inside

ciscoasa(config-if)#ip address

ciscoasa(config-if)#no shutdown

After that, don’t forget to upload your ASDM image into your Cisco ASA via tftp. We prefer to use solarwind tftp to get it done.

2. Enable the ASDM service

ciscoasa(config)#asdm image flash:/asdm601.bin

ciscoasa(config)#http server enable


3. Allowing certain host to access the ASDM

In this example, we allow host to access the ASDM

ciscoasa(config)#http inside



After following above steps then open your browser. Type in the url column with following url .If your PC/notebooks don’t have the ASDM launcher then you will be prompted to download it once.





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