Defining Thresholds on Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Defining Thresholds on Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Cisco Prme Infrastructure is one of the powerful network monitor for Cisco devies. One of the features is able to monitor the threshold of CPU, RAM, etc.


Below are the steps for enabling the threshold monitoring on Cisco Prime Infrastructure. With these settings, you can specify the minimum thresholds in order the Cisco Prime to issue an alarm.


1. Login into your Cisco Prime GUI Console with the correct username and password.

2. Choose from tabs, Design>Monitoring Templates

3. Go to menu Features, then choose Threshold

4.Finish the basic template configuration field

5. Choose one of the Categories under the Feature Category menu for configuring the metrics threshold:

  • Device Health (CPU, RAM, Temperature), or
  • Interface Health

6. Under Metric Parameters, choose the threshold setting you want to change, then click  Edit Threshold Setting.

7. Enter the threshold value and choose the alarm severity when the threshold is triggered or met.

8. Choose Done.

9. Save the template.

10.Under the My Templates folder, navigate to the template you created and select it.

11. Click Go to Deployment

12. Go to the template you created, then click Deploy

Thats all for the steps on configuring threshold monitoring on Cisco Prime Infrastucture.

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