Five Interesting Things from Windows 8

Microsoft will soon release their newest Operating System called Windows 8. They plan to release this Operating System this year. Below are the five interesting things from Windows 8 that should be paid some attention:


Ribbon User Interface









This ribbon UI is still be available on Windows 8 though this user interface still becomes controversial on some people.


Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8 is rumored to be equipped with the new generation of browser  which is called Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) which will replace its predecessor Internet Explorer 9.  As is known, IE9 is only available for the operating system (OS) such as Windows Vista and Windows 7.


Windows Store

Microsoft seems to compete from their rivals like Apple , or Android by creating an online software market. Well, Windows Store itself will serve as an outlet where the users could acquire / purchase applications developed for Windows 8. Rumor said that with the Windows Store, Microsoft will improve the quality of the applications offered and reduce the potential for bugs and malware.



Bootable via Thumb Drive

One of the favorite features of Windows 8 will be brougt so far is the ability to store an entire bootable Windows 8 OS on a USB thumb drive. That way, the users can bring the whole environment of Windows 8 in the USB and boot up if the PC hardware problems



Good news that Windows 8 will fully support for tablets that has ARM microprocessor, smartphone, and others devices.


Icon Tile Feature

Windows 8 will use tile icon for its application so users can directly click on it and run the wanted application on one click. Users can also move the application anywhere on the screen like apple/android apps



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