Google is sued Because sex party ‘Nazi’

This time, Google search results on this raises serious problems that the internet giant sued the Court of Hamburg, Germany. As for the plaintiff is a former Formula 1 president Max Mosley who objected to the Google search results that displays the video itself was Nazi-themed sex party.

To the media, Mosley said he was currently in the process of taking legal action against Google in France and Germany.Mosley to willingly poured funds of up to 500 thousand euros in this case, in order to stop Google displaying streaming video clips featuring himself.

“Through a lawyer, I asked for photos and the video is removed from the internet if possible,” said Mosley told The Register and quoted on Monday (11/28/2011).

The original video sex parties have long made ​​and was first published by the News of the World. Media is sued because of invasion of privacy and ultimately judged lid.

After some investigation, Mosley shared a video featuring four women obtained the News of the World from commercial sex workers who participated in this party, then record it.

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