How to install a Blogger Template

Maybe some of readers may confuse about how to import a blogger template into your blog. With this post, I will give you the steps about how to install a Blogger template into your blog.

Here is a video tutorial to help you install new template.

You may see the steps below:


Follow Most Simple Guide to Install your Favorite Blogger Template:

1. Click in Download button and save file in PC [hard drive].

2. File that you have downloaded is .ZIP file so need to be extracted. Extract / Unzip it.

3. Log in Blogger dashboard

4. Click Template (or Design > Edit HTML > Upload) and look at the top right corner, you will see Backup / Restore button

5. Click Manage and on pop-up windows Browse button and look for folder that is created after extracted file that you have downloaded.

6. Folder has a XML file and TXT file or Internet shortcut, you select only XML file.

8. Click Upload button.

9. Confirm and Save.


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