Malwares That Attack On Friday 13th

Friday 13th (.ist)

Friday 13th is most often used as a momentum for attacker to spread malwares on the Internet. They seemed to rise from the graveyard and haunt the users computer.

According to Security and Antivirus company ,Eset,  was to urge internet users to increase awareness of the possible presence of malicious programs (malware) given on Friday,13th.

Based on that experience ever, there are attacks that take advantage of this momentum. This malware is not always new launched but it can be their variants.

Here are the example of malwares that launched on Friday 13th that is published by Eset:


This malwares usually attack files that have extension .com and .exe . It appears usually on Friday 13th. This can damage program files very badly that can cause those files  can not be found



Xeram is a non-resident, encrypted, and parasitic direct action virus. This virus will infect the file that has extensions .exe and .com

If the infected files were executed on Friday 13th, then this virus will act by deleting files: NAV_._NO, CHLIST.MS and SCANVAL.VAL.



This simple virus will infect files with extension .com . And if those files were run on Friday 13th then the victims will get the message:

“This program requires Microsoft Windows and the infected program will not be executed.”



This worm was attacking on Friday 13th. These worms targeted on web server that make the web server will have big load suddenly.

This worm targeted the file with extension .IDA . This worm will replicate itself and attack the web server that runs on NT4.0+IIS4.0 or Windows 2000 + IIS5.0. According to CERT, this worm already infected 200,000 more hosts.

But don’t worry about this worm since this worm is an old malware and already has the anti-virus.


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