Samsung Galaxy S3 to be announced February 2012 ?(rumor also in 3D)

Samsung Galaxy S3

As the release of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus has come and gone its time for us to welcome any rumors on Samsung’s new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to sources at Unwiredview it claims that the giant Korean tech company; Samsung will announce their Samsung Galaxy S3 in February, this coming year. It’s showcase is set to be the Mobile World Conference of 2011 but that is still just a rumor.

Galaxy S3 leaked photos

Recent news has also popped up that pictures taken by the Samsung Galaxy S3 have been leaked. It shows the unknown device called the ‘i9500′ which is unlike the S2 which is ‘i9100′ taking pictures and because it is an unknown model, it MUST be the Samsung Galaxy S3!

It was the same deal as well for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus when someone looked at the EXIF data of the picture finding out that an unknown device had taken the picture and speculated it to be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ doing.



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