Some Mistakes When Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of famous social network website beside Facebook. Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn is more used for professional to find job or post their skills. That is, it means that how user to utilize LinkedIn obviously can not be compared when using other Social Networking (such as Facebook) which is more relaxed.

But, have your ever beenĀ  aware that some people often make mistakes to their LinkedIn profile just because they keep treating LinkedIn like other social network website.

Here are those mistakes that often done by some people:

1. Post Some Unrelated Photos
LinkedIn is more widely used by professional, but sometimes people like to post their unrelated photos such as funny picture or naughty picture. This may seem usual on other social network sites. But it is unusual by posted it on LinkedIn because the connections are your professional connections.


2. Don’t overshare
You must choose what topic is eligible to share at LinkedIn and ineligible to share at LinkedIn. You must separate between your personal posting and professional posting.


3. Don’t blindedly connect to other user.
Sometimes, you may see an icon on the right side that tells you “People You May Know”. Some people may click those people profile and add them into their connections even they don’t know well those connections.

Well,It is legitimate to have a lot of connections and sometimes it will give you some benefit but what will happen if that person you connect will give bad impression to your boss? So, I don’t recommend LinkedIn users to connect blindly to other users.


4. Your Profile is your online CV
Sometimes, people are lazy to update their LinkedIn’s profile and let their LinkedIn’s profile is out of date. But, you know that LinkedIn’s profile is your online CV. People will see what experience and skills you have and sometimes companies will hire a person directly via LinkedIn. So, our advise is always put detail about yourself on your profile.

Those are our opinion on some mistakes when using LinkedIn. How about you?Please give us some comments.

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