Stop Intruders From Accessing to Your PC With Free Firewalls for Windows 7

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Are you using Windows 7 operating system and looking for a free firewall so that you can block unwanted access to your PC? If the answer is yes, this article is worth reading. Although Windows 7 operating is an excellent operating system comprising a number of robust security features but still there are some loopholes which allow the hackers to access to your computer. There are viruses, spyware and adware designed by the hackers to make their job easier. So, how to block them and enjoy secure computing? In this article you will find some important tips and recommendations regarding firewall which will allow you to block the hackers.

Windows XP operating system boasts built-in firewall and in Windows 7 this integrated firewall has been beefed up. The Windows 7 free firewall is by default turned on that block unwanted access. You can configure the Windows 7 integrated firewall by accessing the Control Panel / Security Center. But this firewall could not pass through leak testing done by security researchers. So, even after using the firewall there is enough chance of data being theft.

The job of a firewall is not only to protect important and sensitive data but also block port scans, unwanted requests and hacking attempts. You can use a third party firewall as better security measures. There are many free Firewall software programs for Windows 7 that could be used for boosting your PC security.

Although the markets if flooded with many free Windows 7 compatible firewalls but all of them are not top products. So, you should do some research before installing one of them.

A firewall alone could not be enough to safeguard your computer. Along with a firewall you should install powerful antivirus software. You may find innumerable free antivirus software available in the market. But for secure computing, it is recommended to go for a paid version. You can first try with the trial version and if you find the experience satisfactory, then go for the full version. Remember, for optimal protection there should be a good combination of anti-virus, antimalware and firewall on your computer.

If you find difficulties to install firewall or need firewall configuration support, you can get in touch with an online computer repair company. There are many such service providers available that offer tech support at a very reasonable price.

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