The First Photo On The Internet

First Photo on The Internet (doc: NYDailyNews)

Have you ever crossed on your mind about what is the first photo that posted on the Internet? Above was the first photo posted on the Internet on 20 years ago.

About 1992, World Wide Web was kept developed on CERN lab in Geneva. WWW was invented by Sir Tim Berners Lee.

According to NYDailyNews , it was Sir Tim Berners Lee who posted that photo into internet. The photo posted by him was a musical   group named Les Horribles Cernettes.

This groups were consisted of CERN employees. This photo was taken by Silvano de Gennaro , one of Information Technology Developer division, on July 18th 1992.

“When history happens, you don’t know that you’re in it,” said Gennaro. Berners Lee made friends with one of these internal bands, Colette Marx Nielsen.

When Berners Lee began developing a new version of the World Wide Web that support images, he decided to talk to Gennaro and photos that will try to upload.

The photo was successfully uploaded to the CERN web pages without any meaningful constraint. Although the original version of the image has since disappeared but these photographs eventually become its own milestone in the development of the internet.

Image courtesy of Silvano de Gennaro
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