There Will Be no New XBOX This Year Said Microsoft

It is inevitabe that XBOX is one of most played console of the year. Many of us may hope for the emergence of a new Xbox in 2012. But it seemed to disappear because Microsoft has denied rumors of an upgrade in the game console this year.

“We appreciate all of the attention on our future plans, but we confirm that there will be no discussion about the new Xbox hardware at E3 and in the near future ” said Frank Shaw as the Microsoft’s  Corporate Communications Chief.  He said again that year 2012 is XBOX 360 year.  Year 2011  was the best year to be the best selling console, Xbox 360 also reportedly outselling the devices connected to the TV like a DVD player and home theater. This statement also is followed by Sony that they won’t talk  about the PS4 like said by Kotaku . Well, it seems that year 2012 won’t be a year for next-gen console for Sony and Microsoft (not like Nintendo that already launched their Wii-U).

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