Turn-based strategy game Dungeon Twister is now on PS3

Dungeon Twister was originally a board game and for those who like this conventional board game can play on PlayStation 3 via PSN.

This game was developed by Hydravison and already released on July 2012 ago.

According to the creator of Dungeon Twister, Cristophe Boelinger, this game is a combination between chess game and dungeon strategy with a dragon as a hero.

Dungeon Twister

Well, we have a chance to test that game (although a little bit late). In this game, player will have some option to choose characters and fight within some dungeons. Each of them has their unique abilities to control the dungeon such as walk through wall, spinning around the enemies, healing friends and support magics.

Dungeon Twister

You can play this great board turn based strategy game either solo or multiplayer via PSN. We ourself recommend you to play multiplayer because you can get many challenges from international players.

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