Upgrading ClusterXL from Checkpoint R70 to the latest version

The purpose of this article is to give the tips from me about how  to upgrade clusterXL in local management (not using the separated Security Management) . These steps are assumed that you have 2 Checkpoint devices installed on Active-Standby configuration. These steps have minimal downtime and I think , it is almost Zero Downtime. Follow the instruction below in order to upgrade your version to the latest:

1. Prepare the Upgrade Package from checkpoint.com
2. Make sure you download the correct version and match to you current OS version
3. Remove all the attached UTP from the Standby device. This is used to make sure that primary doesn;t sync to Standby unit
4. Begin upload and upgrade the package.
5. Reboot the device
6. Attached the UTP to the Standby device again
7. Remove all the attached UTP from the Primary device. This should force the Standby device to become the Active one
8. Make sure that traffic can come through your Checkpoint device
9. Upload an upgrade the package to the Primary Device
10. Reboot
11. Attach the UTP cable again to the Primary Device
12. Verify and install the policy to both devices

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