Upgrading to Windows 8 Only Costs Us US$14.99

Windows 8

Couldn’t wait for the new operating system Windows 8?.

Well, there is good news for you who can not wait for Windows 8 that is the new operating system for PCs and tablets from Microsoft. Since yesterday, Microsoft has officially announced Windows 7 registration for upgrading to windows 8 only for US$14.99.

This news is announced from Microsoft official tweeter which said ” The @Windows upgrade offer is now available in 140 countries. Register now! http://windowsupgradeoffer.com.”

They promised that anyone who has purchased a PC Windows 7 after June 2 will be able to upgrade to Windows 8  just by paying US$14. 99.

We had tried the registration and success. You must input the date of purchase and PC type , then you will be sent a confirmation email from windowsupgradeoffer.com. After the Windows 8 has been released around October then you are eligible to purchase the Windows 8 upgrade that only costs you US$14.99.


Please remember that  the registration will be closed until January 31th 2013. So for those who want this low cost upgrade, should register immediately.

Let’s try the Windows 8 together. Windows 8 is a new brand operating system that answers the connectivity between mobile and desktop gadget.


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