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Nowadays, there are many web application firewalls (WAF) in the market. We have to choose wisely regarding on what we need regarding the web application firewall.  In terms of understanding, a web application firewall (WAF) is an appliance, server , module, or a filter that enforces many rules to protect an HTTP traffic.

In general, these rules will protect common attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting or Deface. This can be done by customizing the rules to your application. The effort to perform this customization can be significant and needs to be maintained as the application is modified.

One of the considerations of choosing on what web application product is based on OWASP  (Open Web Applications Security Project) Foundation’s recommendation. This OWASP foundation is a non-profit organization that dedicates to  enabling organizations to conceive, develop, acquire, operate, and maintain applications that can be trusted. One of the lists/criteria that this organization selects in order to choose WAF is able to protect  OWASP 10 ten vulnerabilities.

In the past few days, We have done some Proof of Concepts using one of WAF appliances called WAPPLES. This Web Application Firewall WAPPLES is developed by company named Penta Security that reside on South Korea.

Here are some keypoints about WAPPLES that we can summarize from their commercial website:

1. Perfect Detection,

  • Logical analysis detection engine with built-in rules to detect over 26 different types of attacks
  • Detects unknown attacks by analyzing attack techniques
  • Near zero(0) false-positive attacks through a patent architecture for intrusion detection

2. High-level Security

  • Delivers high performance through optimized attack detection
  • Maintains high performance even in high-level security configuration

3.Delivers Consistent and High Performance

  • Installation without changing existing network systems
  • Convenient and intuitive GUI based management console

 4.Convenient Deployment&Configuration 

  •  Easy configuration


After we have done the Proof of Concept, what I can conclude about WAPPLES are Powerful, User-Friendly-GUI, Less Manage and No Signature Worried.

We have done many implementation all this time such as F5, Imperva, and Barracuda. But after conduction some Proof of Concepts, We may say that this WAPPLES can be considered to be offered to your customer.

Should any questions, we may discuss on below comments.


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