How to Change Default Check Point WEB UI on GAiA Operating System

How to Change Default Check Point WEB UI on GAiA Operating System


According to the Check Point website, Check Point GAiATM is the unified cutting-edge secure operating system for all Check Point Appliances, open servers and virtualized gateways. GAiA combines the best features from IPSO and SecurePlatform into a single unified OS providing greater efficiency and robust performance.

With the support of the full suite of Software Blades, customers will benefit from improved connection capacity and the full breadth and power of Check Point security technologies by adopting GAiA.

GAiA  has changed its commands on CLI compared to SecurePlatform. If we want to access GAiA WEB UI, then the default  port used is 443 in version R75.40.  Some implementation needs ask to change this default port since SSL VPN usually uses port 443.

Below is the step to change the default WEB UI port :

1. SSH into your GAiA device and type following command on the prompt and type “Y”

Firewall> set web ssl-port 4434

WARNING This command is for initial use. SSL port should be set through SmartDashboard. Changing the port may cause inconsistency with the settings on the SmartDashboard.

Are you sure you want to continue?(Y/N)[N] Y

For this to survive a reboot run the command

2. Save the config

Firewall > save config


3. Log into your SmarDashboad to change the default ssl port

Go to Gateway Object > Platform Portal, and in the “Main URL” add  or change the relevant port like below example:

Abov will force the machine to use port 4434.






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