Checking Hardware Information on Nokia Checkpoint Firewall using IPSCTL

How to Check Hardware Information on Nokia Checkpoint Firewall using IPSCTL


May one of us confused about how to check hardware information on Nokia Appliance that is installed firewall software such as Checkpoint Firewall.  Before execute this below command, please make sure that we have logged into the shell of Nokia device (not the clish display). Below are the example of the commands:

The main command to list all the output of the hardware information

ipsctl -a


Example to see error information on each physical interface

ipsctl -a | grep eth-s4p1c0:error| more


Example to see how much physical memory installed on the hardware

ipstcl -a | grep memory

the output:

net:ip:cluster:physical_memory = 2556


That’s all of a command that will help us to find information regarding Nokia appliance hardware.


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