How to Manually Upgrade Ironport AsyncOS

Have you experienced problems in the process of upgrading Ironport AsyncOS manually? (Via the local server). If so, make sure these steps to perform the upgrade manually you have to do this below.


For OS version 6.5 and above are required to perform the manual method below so that upgrades go smoothly. Here are the steps:

1.Download the package from the url, and enter the Serial Number of your machine and enter the Base releas tag with format: phoebe-7-0-1-102 for 7.0.1 build 102 . See the picture below

2. Then select the version above is the package now. My advice is to seeĀ  first its pre-requisities from the official website Ironport

3. Once the package is downloaded, extract and place it on your web server’s root (in this case I assume that you are using a web server). Always to remember that the folder you placed on your web server is AsyncOS folder only. likeĀ  the picture below:

4. After that, edit the configurationĀ  “Service Updates” on your Ironport machine as shown below and click the “submit” and also not to forget to click “commit change”





1. Replace “ip_adress_anda” with your web server ip address, and do not forget to include your web server port, usually port 80

2. Replace “file.xml” with the xml file from the package you downloaded



5. After doing all the steps above, you can perform the upgrade via the menu “System Upgrade”. Then click “Upgrade Now” after that the upgrade process will run.

1. Ganti “ip_address_anda” dengan ip address web server, dan jangan lupa untuk memasukkan port web server anda, biasanya adalah port 80

2. Ganti “file.xml” dengan file xml dari paket yang anda download

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