Connecting Yealink IP Phone T22P to Cisco Catalyst Switch

Connecting Yealink IP Phone T22P to Cisco Catalyst Switch

Couple days ago, we have been struggled to find the method connecting our Yealink IP Phone T22P to our Cisco Catalyst Switch 2960. On the day of testing, we need to connect our Yealink’s Voice Port into Cisco Catalyst and our PCs via the Yealink’s Port (Cisco Catalyst ——- Yealink——PC).

The problem happens when we knew that Yealink IP Phone doesn’t support separated VLAN (Voice and Data) on Cisco Catalyst because Cisco Catalyst can’t read CDP from Yealink IP Phone.¬†Yealink IP Phone is using LLDP instead of CDP because CDP is a Cisco Proprietary.

Before going to the configuration steps, we need to know that in order Yealink to be able to communicate with Cisco Catalyst — the port on cisco catalyst need to be configured as trunk and we need to enable the LDDP, and VLAN ID on Yealink.

Below are the steps of the each configuration for Yealink and Cisco Catalyst.



Yealink IP Phone

Enabling the LLDP, and VLAN ID






1. Log into the web user interface using the administrator credential.
2. Click on Network > Advanced
3 Enable the LLDP by selecting the drop down menu into Active
4. Leave the Packet Interval to default setting (60s)
5. In the VLAN menu, activate both VLAN  by enabling VLAN option on WAN Port and PC port.








6. Fill in the VLAN ID associate with the Cisco Catalyst VLAN database. In this case, we are using VLAN ID 200 for VOICE and VLAN ID 100 for DATA.



Cisco Catalyst Switch

1. Create the VLAN database , in this case we created VLAN ID 200 and VLAN ID 100.

2. Configure the port that connected to the Yealink IP Phone like below example:

interface FastEthernet0/1
description VOICE
switchport trunk allowed vlan 100,200
switchport mode trunk
spanning-tree portfast

3.Enable the LLDP by execute command ” lldp run”


After above steps, then connect the the IP Phone via WAN Port into Cisco Catalyst and the PCs into the PC’s port of Yealink IP Phone

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