How do I Upload License File to Imperva SecureSphere?

How do I upload license file to Imperva SecureSphere?

Above question may cross our head when we already got the license file and wonder how to import the license file. In order to upload the license file to Imperva SecureSphere, you must perform some steps below:

1. Make sure you already got the file with extension .mprv format.

2.Log in to your Imperva SecureSphere dashboard.

3. Go to Admin workspace then click Licensing

4. Click Actions button, then click Upload License File. (Click below image to enlarge).

5. Choose the license file you got from step one, then click Upload

Those all the steps we need to do when wants to import the license. If any questions wants to be ask, please leave your comment here.


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nice,… thanks for your guide


Good Day,
Where can I find the license to download from?
can you please help on the same?

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