Possible Reasons Why Suddenly Alexa Rank Dropped

It is very annoying when suddenly your alexa page rank dropped. Based on other experience, I will share on cause of the problem, so that we could fix the problem. Here are the causes:


Visitor Traffic is Decreased

Alexa is a tool to monitor and identify the progress of our website from the visitor traffic. If your traffic is decreased than  you Alexa rank will be automatically dropped. In order to solve this, we must increase the traffic by let visitors come to our website more often.


Content is not Updated Regularly

If we don’t update our website regularly may impact much to your Alexa rank. We must update the content of webpage in order to get better rank.


Low Quality Content

Don’t copy and paste other content into your post since Alexa and Google will know it and lower the Alexa rank of your website. Try to create new and unique idea or at least don’t copy and paste other articles.


Up to Date Articles

Try to write up to date articles or recent article that are hot news these days. For example, you can write about recent released gadget.


That is some of reasons that make our Alexa rank dropped. Once again, the conclusion of all is that we must not be lazy to update our content, and try to write new and unique posts.




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