Securing with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

One of the best kept secret in SKALI Cloud offering is the capabilities to establish a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

The VPC makes it possible for customers to create their own isolated set of SKALI Cloud Servers to connect to their existing network over a secured VPN connection to a datacenter. This promises enterprise-level security, while benefiting the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud infrastructure.

Users can actually specify which of their SKALI Cloud resources they wish to make directly accessible to the Internet and which they do not. Customers have more control over the virtual networking environment — users can create a public-facing subnet for web servers that have access to the Internet, and placing backend systems such as databases or application servers in a private-facing subnet with no Internet access (and a VPN connection) as needed via the self-service control panel.

Users can group servers together on a virtual private network (VLAN), but not on the Internet, and make up the private cloud. The VLAN is entirely isolated from the Internet and from other customers on the cloud.while benefiting the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud infrastructure.

Simple to Setup VPC

In the self-service control panel, create an extra “VPN” server which you need to setup on the VLAN and runs VPN software to build the bridge back to your office. We have prebuilt images of ‘pfsense’, ‘monowall’, & ‘astaro’ (astaro requires a license key) right now that you can use immediately. It is quite straight forward configuration, and something client can configure themselves, or ask our technical support to assist.

To enable VPC – In the Control Panel, go to the “Network Resources” section.

The VPC feature is chargeable at RM20.00 per month only, with unlimited IP addresses. Existing user can use it immediately in their control panel, however Trial user needs to request for permission.

Essentially this gives enterprises more flexibility with making private clouds either more accessible or private. As companies become comfortable with a more public facing cloud, it makes sense to give users options with their data security. Public cloud computing is now secured with VPC.

Create Servers, Forget Hardware.

SKALI Cloud team.

Our skali clusters run on our sophisticated server farm, located in a premier-class data centre in the heart of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), Malaysia. For more Informations Please visit our managed e-business website.
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