SOPA Is The Past, Now ACTA

Any Acts, both within and outside the country must have some  pros and cons. Let say the Anti-Piracy (SOPA). SOPA was getting many denials.

But in addition to SOPA, there are still rules that threaten the freedom of surfing. It is the ACTA rules, or the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. This is a treaty agreement that was initiated by a number of countries, namely the United States, European Community, Switzerland, and Japan. The treaty also involves Australia, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, Aran Emirates, and Canada.

Quoting from the website  Electronic Frontier Foundation,  this act will cover the physical matter such as drugs. However, there is one that will worry of Intern users that the rules regarding the “distribution on the Internet and information technology”.So what harm ACTA? Anonymous hacktivist group to make an analogy, if ACTA is applied in a video uploaded on YouTube.

Suppose you take a cooking class, then you are forbidden to spread information about the prescription obtained in the course. If you provide information about the recipe you get in the course to your wife for example, then you and your wife could be threatened criminal that stipulated in the ACTA in the country you live.

But what if you live alone? To ensure prescription information is not scattered, then ACTA allows control of you, even family, which clearly threatens the privacy of individuals.

Then what kind of ACTA will be applied on the internet? According to the Forbes, ACTA enabling law in a number of countries participating to force all internet service providers or Internet Service Provider (ISP) to adopt this rule.

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