Fixing the Cisco IOS Translating “…” Domain Server

This article about Fixing the Cisco IOS Translating “…” Domain Server

If you ever been upset about error in Cisco network devices like “Translating … domain server” , well it seems your  domain lookup configuration is enabled (by default is enabled).

The router/switches treats your command as a hostname, and attempts to make a telnet connection to that devices that is resolved from a Hostname to IP address by querying the DNS server.

Below are the examples

Translating “abcd”…domain server (
Translating “abcd”…domain server (
% Unknown command or computer name, or unable to find computer address


You can get rid of above problems by following  these steps:

Disabling domain lookup:

In certain cases, domain lookup is used by devices logging to lookup  a hostname to call the telnet. If you often telnet by typing ip address then no need for domain lookup and you can disable it.

Type this below command:

switch(config)#no ip domain lookup

With this tutorial, hope the problem is solved.

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